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Dakota AlphaSizer MAX
Windows Vista and Windows 7 Compatible
Note: Dakota AlphaSizer Max is not intended as an upgrade to previously released Alphasizer Programs.

14 Free Fonts
75 Free Designs

Purchase Dakota AlphaSizer MAX w/all 149 fonts for Only $800.00

Dakota Alphasizer MAX Tutorial

View Examples of Lettering Features!

View the 14 FREE Fonts!

View 75 Free Designs!

View All 149 Available Fonts!

View the newest fonts released!

  • Custom Baseline for Lettering
  • Individual Letter Control
  • Letter Stitch Order Options
  • Keyboard Lettering Height and Width Adjustment
  • Lettering Density Control
  • Auto and Manual Letter Kerning
  • Lettering Line Type Setting Transformation: Bridge, Balloon, Pennant, Squeeze
  • On-Screen Design Sizing Capabilities
  • Resize, Rotate, Transform, Mirror, and Combine Multiple Designs
  • Open/Save Major Home & Commercial Formats
  • Enhanced 3D Stitch Mode/View
  • Includes 75 FREE Designs! (Click to view 75 Free Designs)
  • Includes 14 FREE Fonts! (Click to view Free Fonts)
  • AND MORE...
  • All for only $299.95 US
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