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Converting Thread Charts Using Sizer & Dakota Alphasizer Programs
A great feature in Sizer & Dakota AlphaSizer programs is the MATCH CHART capability. MATCH CHART allows the recoloring of a design with one click of a button, between thread color charts.

Begin with a design in a colored format opened on screen. The color palette displays with a number "1" in the first box. Right click the color button with "1" in it. From the drop down list, left click onto Color. Choose the chart matching your brand of thread, if available, or select any of the charts. Click the MATCH CHART button and instantly, all of the colors are traded with the nearest match in the "Madeira (D)" chart. Scroll through the up and down arrow next to "Color" to view the suggested color replacement in the color box for the color change(s). The current color and current chart display across the top of the window while the suggested new color and new chart name, displays across the bottom of the window. This visual aid helps in choosing a like color. To change a color, click on a different color. Click APPLY to make the changes. Click OK to close the box.

Note: The "Madeira(D)" chart maps Madeira "Classic" 40 wt. Rayon thread colors to Dakota Collectibles catalog text names. Be aware that the "Madeira(D)" chart also includes "Variegated" and "Metallic" color choices. After clicking MATCH CHART, review the suggested color choices, trading any that appear as a "V." for Variegated or "M." for Metallic with a regular Madeira 40 wt. color block of a similar color.

After the design is colored, click on 3D VIEW to get an on-screen representation of how the stitched out design will look. Additionally, change the background screen color to match the color of the garment to help choose appropriate thread colors.

Print the design. The printout will show which thread cones to use for the suggested text name.

The various thread charts listed are designed to help with coloring of designs and choosing thread colors. Due to monitor discrepancies and dye lot thread differences, it is always best to review computer selected suggestions making adjustments where necessary.

Note: To understand how to use all of the available buttons in the chart and find out how to set up the COLOR PROPERTIES OPTIONS page, it is best to read the COLOR PROPERTIES HELP section within the program.